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You pay gas for your car.  You pay gas for your lawnmower.  You do not have to pay for your gas at home. 

Control your own gas consumption by installing solar water heating which will reduce your monthly utility bill.

What are the benefits of solar water heating?

Gain Independence from Utility Companies
Having control is a wonderful thing.  Now you can by installing your own solar water heater and help reduce your monthly gas bill in half!

Government incentive plans encourages Solar heating
The government is so keen in helping our environment; they have provided many resources to attract solar water heating customers.  To read more, visit the government incentive rebate section.

Sunlight can make your utility bill look smaller
Ontario receives plenty of sunshine to power solar systems.  Using direct sunlight naturally, this will heat up your hot water tank which will reduce or eliminate the use of gas that would normally cost to heat up your tank.  Make the natural sunlight work for you.

It works quietly
Solar heating is quiet while generating so much heat; it helps you reduce your monthly utility bill.

It requires very little to none maintenance
Once you install your solar water heating panels, the work is done.  There is hardly any maintenance that needs to be done which makes this a painless experience.
Solar water heaters reduce water heating bills by approximately 50%
We have many success stories from our customers that rave about how much they have save since they have installed the solar water heater.  We expect you’ll be doing the same.   (hyperlink to our success story section on the main page)

Solar Power Is Better for the Environment

What better way to thank the environment by helping our next generation?  Solar water heating is one step forward that will help preserve our environment.